Three-pillar economic policy for the overall development of the country. This organization will promote these events.

  • Public Sector (Government)

    The government has a leading role in every sector, whether it is in the mobilization of financial resources or in facilitating the creation of laws and regulations. The government should move forward to invest in areas such as large infrastructure construction that does not attract the private sector, while the government should facilitate the work of attracting the private sector by preparing appropriate laws and regulations and creating an environment. Among the essential works related to human life, it has been felt that it is getting late to be clear about the work that should be done only by the government and the work that should be done by the government, cooperative organizations and the private sector.

  • About 30,000 cooperatives are currently operating in our country. There is a large number of savings and credit cooperatives, but the number of other thematic and multi-purpose cooperatives is also not low. All these cooperatives are mobilizing about 600 billion and about 7.3 million people are involved in cooperatives. Therefore, when talking about the wider development of the country, it cannot be done by keeping the cooperative sector aside.

  • It is impossible to imagine the overall development of the country without the private sector. Only if the government can create a suitable environment by enacting the Private Sector Friendly Act, the country will be able to become economically more capable.