About Muktinath Foundation.

Muktinath Foundation has been established as a non-governmental organization with the main objective of supporting and facilitating socially and economically backward people and communities to raise their standard of living. Muktinath Development Bank was originally established as a non-profit organization according to the Companies Act 2063. , Muktinath Agricultural Company Ltd. and the persons related to this group under the leadership of this organization was registered in the office of the company registrar on BS 2078.


Securing the livelihood of disadvantage and back ward community of Nepal via increasing awareness, basic living needs support and facilitate their reach over government services.


  • Enhancing the livelihood of disadvantage and back warded community of Nepal via available resource mobilization from government.
  • To sustain the project and regular reach of the community on socio-economic resources.
  • To secure the basic needs and rights via awareness campaign.
  • Transfer of technology to increase the agriculture production in Public Private Community Partnership (PPCP) Model.
  • Adopt program sustainability approach by addressing GESI and ESG.

Expected to implement projects for the betterment of these communities.

Our Team

Our organization team is committed to driving positive change in our community. Our diverse team comprises professionals with expertise in various domains, from healthcare and education to agriculture and social services. We work in partnership with governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and local businesses to address socioeconomic challenges. Our primary focus areas include healthcare access, social services for marginalized populations, knowledge awareness campaigns, food security initiatives, and educational programs. Additionally, we are passionate about motivating and empowering farmers in the agriculture sector, promoting sustainable practices and increasing agricultural productivity. Through these combined efforts, we strive to enhance the overall well-being and prosperity of our community, fostering a brighter future for all.

Mr.Bharat Raj Dhakal


Mr. Sitaram kaphle


Mr. Tulsiram Dhakal


Mr. Narayan Kumar Shrestha


Mr. Ram Prasad Pokharel


Mr. Bimal Kumar Niraula


Mrs. Nisha Basnet


Mrs. Sangita Dhakal Acharya

Company Secretary

Mr. Chiranjibi Aryal

Program Coordinator

Our Team Experties

Muktinath Foundation is known for its team of dedicated and highly skilled experts who play a crucial role in driving the organization's mission and achieving its objectives. These experts come from diverse fields, and their collective knowledge and experience are instrumental in addressing various challenges and opportunities in the areas of socio-economic development, capacity building, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and advocacy. Here are some key aspects of Muktinath Foundation's experts

  • Multi-Disciplinary Team:

    Foundation boasts a multi-disciplinary team of experts, including economists, educators, healthcare professionals, social workers, policy analysts, community organizers, and more. This diversity ensures a well-rounded approach to the complex issues faced by the communities they serve.

  • Local and International Talent:

    Foundation's experts may include individuals from the local region who intimately understand the specific needs of the community. It may also involve collaboration with international experts who bring global best practices to the table.

  • Commitment to Sustainable Development:

    Experts are committed to the long-term sustainable development of the region. They aim not only to address immediate challenges but also to create lasting improvements that benefit future generations.

  • Deep Understanding of Local Context:

    Local experts possess an in-depth understanding of the cultural, social, and economic context of the area in which the foundation operates. This understanding is invaluable in tailoring solutions to fit the unique challenges of the community.

  • Innovative Problem Solvers:

    Muktinath Foundation's experts are known for their innovative problem-solving skills. They seek creative and sustainable solutions to address issues ranging from infrastructure development and healthcare access to education and poverty alleviation.

  • Advocates for Change:

    Experts at the foundation are often passionate advocates for positive change. They actively engage with the community and stakeholders, working to raise awareness about pressing issues and advocating for policy changes that can improve the lives of the local population.

  • Community Engagement:

    They work closely with the community to ensure that the solutions they propose are aligned with the community's needs and aspirations. Community engagement is central to the success of the foundation's initiatives

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making:

    Muktinath Foundation's experts use data and research to inform their decision-making. They conduct studies, gather data, and analyze the impact of their programs to refine their strategies continually.

  • Collaborative Spirit:

    Foundation's experts often collaborate with other organizations, governmental agencies, and non-profits to leverage resources and expertise, maximizing the impact of their efforts.

  • Emergency Response Capabilities:

    In times of emergencies and disasters, the foundation's experts are well-prepared to provide immediate response and relief, ensuring that the community is supported during crises.